ALSA Water Boundaries Seminar

Alberta Wetland Policy Implementation

Presented by Fiera Biological Consulting, this two-part three-day custom seminar provided a better understanding and appreciation of the ecological systems that affect the complex and dynamic transitional areas between the bed and shore, making us familiar with the Alberta Government's new Wetland policy, how this influences our job and what it takes to become certified to evaluate wetlands.

As a PRO 10 it is important to understand the implications of being an "authenticating professional" and the aspects to be considered when contemplating development in complex hydrological ecosystems.

Education, Competency, Skills and Experience

This seminar presented a very thorough overview of the Wetlands Policy and it's implementation coupled with an appreciation of the interrelation between the Public Land Act, Waters Act, Surveys Act, and Land Titles Act, and long-span climatic cycles.

It also, provided an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and ideas on how to improve collaboration and overall practice with regards to this challenging aspect of our profession.

A second seminar is scheduled for Edmonton starting May 7 at the Derrick Golf and Winter Club.  Registration is officially closed but interested parties are encouraged to contact Scott Westlund or Kerry Barrett to see if there is still room. (More Info).



May 2018 BOWDA Lunch: Olympic Bid Update

Canmore Olympic Bid Update, Lisa de Soto, CAO of the Town of Canmore - May 10, 2018 - Bow Valley Builders and Developers Association | Bow Valley Builders and Developers Association

Co-sponsored by Mission Surveys:

Mission to Canmore

Beautiful alpine glow on a brisk morning in Canmore

It is my great pleasure to announce we have opened a branch office in beautiful Canmore, Alberta.

Bringing enhanced geomatics and survey services to the Bow Valley and surrounding regions, Mission Surveys will provide client focused professional services.

Building on existing relationships and leveraging decades of experience Mission brings a new commitment to this vibrant mountain community.

We will strive to earn your trust a valuable team player to help you realize your goals.

Mike Fretwell